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Manufacturter: Minh Duc chemical stockshare company

Tam Minh Đuc Co Ltd

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First of all, Let's us give to all of you our sincerely wellcome. Thank you so much for your supporting for such the long time. We wish for you and your family heath, happiness, and success.

Tam Minh Duc Co, Ltd is the top supplier who provides Calcium carbonate products which are produced by the top well-known manufacturers in the industry. Our products are used widely in other industries such as Paint, Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Cosmectic, Construction material, Food, Healthcare product, argriculture...

With the objective to bring to customer the best product with the best service and the competitive price, at the moment we are providing the following product: Calcium Carbonate Heavy Powder including N01, N02, N03, N05 and Calcium Carbonate Light Powder including: N, NS, MD400, Td101, TD102, TD103.

Especicially, in order to facilitate our customer, we also provide the transportation service in which we have 2 trucks to deliver according to the orders. Once again, We thank you so much for your concern. Please contact us as the following methods:

At our office:
Address: C1/9Q Street 1A- Tân Tạo ward – Bình Tân district– HCM city
Phone: (08) 2451005 – 2451006 Fax: (08) 7542098
Mobile : 0903 723 413